Battlefield Hobbies has merged with Stafford Games

Our good friend and the former owner of Stafford Games, Roland Hynd, has joined Battlefield Hobbies.

Stafford Games has been a hub of the Midlands wargaming community since it opened in 2005. Battlefield Hobbies has bought Stafford Games and is transferring all of its current stock, including Wings of Glory, Star Trek Attack Wing and By Fire and Sword to Battlefield Hobbies to our new facility in the heart of the country.

Roland will become an important part of the Battlefield Hobbies team, taking on the show arm exhibiting at around 12 events per year including Derby, Warfare, Salute, Colours and Vapnartak in February 2016.

Roland Hynd said: “I’m well known in the show circuit whilst Nobby and Hammy are extremely well known for organising tournaments. Together we will make a great partnership bringing many years experience. I think we’ll do extremely well with the job of making Battlefield Hobbies a fantastic success.”

The Battlefield Hobbies games venue promises to be a comfortable and inviting environment, bringing new and old players together with the intent of building a strong community. There will be regular one and two day events as well as open play across a wide range of games.