Battlefield Hobbies smashes its first ever Star Wars X-Wing Regional!

We are still buzzing after our first ever Star Wars X-Wing Regional this weekend!

What an event. Two days, 95 awesome players and about a zillion cups of tea and coffee!

X-Wing is a new community for Battlefield Hobbies, and it’s been really interesting for us learning what floats your boat.

We’re committed to getting it right, so we’ve invested quite heavily in terms of time, resources – and cold hard cash – to make sure we have everything you need.

And we feel it was completely and utterly worth it as we have been absolutely bowled over by the incredible feedback we’ve received following the championship! (you can read some of it here, if you’re interested)

We know it wasn’t 100% perfect though.

It got a little bit warm up on the mezzanine at times, so we’re looking at buying some wall-mounted fans. And yes, the Tome software (that we’re obliged to use for major FFG events) was problematic and annoying and we will be writing a letter!

But what we really want to say is just thank you!

We have honestly never had a group of such pleasant, tidy, clean (avid users of the legendary Battlefield Hobbies #nerdrefreshzone) and generally all-round fantastic bunch of guys in our store!

You were an absolute pleasure to have around and we hope to see much more of you all in future.

Many of you were in fact kind enough to tell us you’d love to come to more X-Wing events at Battlefield Hobbies, which is brilliant.

We are most definitely applying to host another regional in 2018 and plans are already afoot to host a store championship, so watch this space!