Battlefield Hobbies to extend opening hours thanks to continued growth and demand

Battlefield Hobbies to open this weekend in Daventry!

What could be better than Battlefield Hobbies six days a week? Well, Battlefield Hobbies seven days a week!

Thanks to the fantastic support we’ve received for our exciting brand of hobby gaming since we opened at the end of 2015, we are excited to announce that the Battlefield Hobbies shop will be opening seven days a week from October.

At the same time, we’ll also be catering for the increased demand from our lovely loyal customers by opening up the store for a second evening games club – on a Friday night – in addition to the current Wednesday session.

Could it be Magic?

Just like on the Wednesday you’ll be able to come along and play whatever takes your fancy, but from October onwards on Friday nights we’ll also offer the delight of Magic!

That’s right, we’re joining the good folk at the Wizards Play Network to become a gateway store, running casual standard constructed Magic events throughout October.

As it takes off, and with your support, the plan is to upgrade and become a core store, when we’d be able to host sanctioned events like the hugely popular Friday Night Magic.

Nobby and Hammy, owner directors at Battlefield Hobbies, commented: “It’s always been our intention to increase our store opening hours and gaming sessions as the business grew and shaped itself. We’re really happy that not even a year after starting out we’ve got more than sufficient demand to open the shop Monday to Sunday and offer an extra night of games club.

“We’re very excited about becoming a gateway store for Magic too. We are always looking at ways to develop and expand what we offer to our wonderful customers and Magic is something we absolutely, definitely wanted to bring on board. We’re confident it will prove as popular at Battlefield Hobbies as it is at other venues around the country and it won’t be long until we can progress to being a core store. Watch this space!”