Battlefield Hobbies to open this weekend in Daventry!

Battlefield Hobbies to open this weekend in Daventry!

Following our successful kickstarter campaign, Battlefield Hobbies will be opening on Saturday November 28, 2015.

The Battlefield Hobbies games venue promises to be a comfortable and inviting environment, bringing new and old players together with the intent of building a strong community.

Including popular games from Flames of War, Warlord Games and Plastic Soldier Company, the store will initially stock games from 65 manufacturers in eight categories; games terrains and scenic, fantasy and science fiction, historical rulesets, historical miniatures, roleplaying games, accessories, board games and card games. There are plans to extend the stock list after the opening.

Nobby & Hammy, co-directors of Battlefield Hobbies, said: “This project is something that has been in the back of our minds for a long time now and finally the opportunity to make it a reality has arrived.”

“We welcome feedback on our ideas and suggestions for how to make this even better. Our aim is to be the best and to get there we need to listen to our customers.”