Coup for Battlefield Hobbies as major tournaments relocate to Daventry

Flames Of War At Battlefield Hobbies.


We are incredibly excited to announce that not one but two national gaming tournaments are relocating to Battlefield Hobbies!

The UK Flames of War Grand Tournament and the UK Malifaux Nationals are both moving their 2016 operations to our site in Daventry.

The change of venue for these major events in the UK gaming calendar reflects our unique appeal to events organisers and gamers alike.

Battlefield Hobbies is conveniently and centrally based in Daventry, Northamptonshire, close to the M1/M6 interchange. Our size is our biggest draw, with our large and flexible gaming area able to accommodate far greater numbers of gamers than most other venues of this type.

And unlike many other sites, gamers attending events at Battlefield Hobbies can do so in an inviting, comfortable environment. The venue is well lit and well heated with clean toilets, and supplies of hot and cold drinks and confectionary readily available. During tournaments, we will also provide lunches for participants, allowing an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The relocation of the UK Flames of War Grand Tournament and the UK Malifaux Nationals is a significant triumph for us, especially given we only launched in December last year.

Nobby, co-owner of Battlefield Hobbies, commented: “To have two such major gaming events relocate to our venue is a big deal for us. It shows that, just five months after we launched Battlefield Hobbies, we are achieving what we set out to accomplish; a large but welcoming gaming venue that brings old and new players together and has the capacity and know-how to host large-scale events.

“We’re very excited and I hope that, as we move forward, more organisers will recognise that our size, central location and comfortable facilities makes us the ideal location for their gaming events.”

Mick Rood, organiser of the UK Flames of War Grand Tournament on behalf of The Reluctant Conscripts and Battlefront Miniatures, commented: “We are very pleased to be moving our 2016 tournament to Battlefield Hobbies. Its Northamptonshire location close to major transport links means it’s central and convenient for our players to travel to, and the large-scale, welcoming venue means all of our many participants can take part in comfort.

“I’m confident that this year’s Grand Tournament, with us in association with Battlefront and Battlefield Hobbies, will be the best yet.”