Flames Of War: Bun-In-Grad

21mar(mar 21)9:00 am22(mar 22)5:00 pmFlames Of War: Bun-In-GradSouth March, Daventry NN11 4PH

Event Details

£30 per player including lunch.

110 points Mid War Flames of War, with points amendments.

There will be 5 games, 3 on Saturday & 2 on Sunday, games will be 2.5 hours each.


9:00 Registration

9:30-12:00 Game 1

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-15:15 Game 2

15:30-18:00 Game 3


9:30-12:00 Game 4

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-15:15 Game 5

Missions will be drawn each round by the competition organisers. Attacker & defender will be decided by players playing a stance card before the start of the game (after the mission has been announced and you have exchanged lists). Rear-guard will not be played.

The Flames of War 8-1 scoring system will be used, with ties being decided on head to head, wins, then countback.

Forces from any official source published at least 2 weeks in advance (if you are unsure whether something is valid please ask). You should bring a copy of your list including corrected unit points, for you opponent to view before the game (if you have any issues with this please contact the competition organizer).

Army lists should be sent to grahamklaka@googlemail.com no later than Friday 15th March

Tickets are £30, please pay by paypal (using family and friends) to grahamklaka@googlemail.com please make sure you include your name and FoW comp in the details so I know who and what it’s for.

Rules Amendments

Bunshop Deep Reserves

The following amendment to deep reserves will be used: In missions that you are affected by deep reserves, you may field either one tank unit with front armour 3 or one unit of aircraft on table at the start of the game. Any other units with front armour 3 and aircraft must be put into reserve before any other units.

The Recce Bubble

You will not be able to expand a spearhead area by deploying spearhead units in the expanded area and then using their bubble, only spearhead units that began in the deployment area as defined by the mission can be used for spearhead deployment. The Spearhead rule should on page 93 be replaced with for following (change is underlined in the last paragraph):

When a Spearhead Unit is placed on table during deployment (but not if it arrives from Reserves or is placed outside the normal Deployment Area using this rule), the player may immediately Move its Teams at Tactical or Dash Speed.

This movement may not use any Movement Orders, and may not take a Team within:

• 16”/40cm of an enemy Team it is not Concealed from,

• 8”/20cm of an enemy Team,

• 16”/40cm of the enemy Deployment Area or any Objective outside your own Deployment Area.

When deploying any remaining Units, a player may treat the area entirely within 8”/20cm of a Spearhead Team that is In Command and was deployed in their original deployment area (as defined by the mission) as an extension of their deployment area.


We feel that some formations are very difficult to make a list from, the lack of core options leaving them with a vulnerable force, this is mainly the case for German formations. Germans often combined units to make kampfgruppes, specially formed for specific roles. To try and balance this issue, with a historical theme we are allowing German formations to nominate one compulsory core unit from another formation that they have taken as support as a core unit.

A German company can take up to one formation support unit and treat it as a core formation unit. This is now part of your core so you cannot take another of the same unit as support (for example, if a Grenadier Company took a Panzer III platoon as core, as it now has a core Panzer III platoon, it cannot also take a Panzer III platoon as support).

Building Your Force

The following amendments are in place for building your force.

B-I-G 2020 unit points amendments must be used – email grahamklaka@googlemail.com if you have not received a copy.

No Community Cards – Although these are generally reasonably well balanced, they are one more thing to look at when amending points, we felt it best to leave them out.

No Command Cards – Including command cards with the points amendments would be a lot more work, it also simplifies the problem of having to fix the armoured car swarm. We felt it simply better to leave cards out for now.

No More Than 2 Formations in Your Force – FoW version 4 is built around being able to mix formations, but this stops the vast multi-formation swarms, it also stops players picking multiple tiny formations to give extra command re-rolls.



21 (Saturday) 9:00 am - 22 (Sunday) 5:00 pm


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South March, Daventry NN11 4PH