Iron Fist picks new Battlefield for 2017 events

Iron Fist Publishing, which writes, produces and publishes the WWII miniatures rules Battlegroup, has chosen Battlefield Hobbies to host two events in 2017.

This is a welcome move for us and a great way to celebrate our first birthday!

With two major tournaments already having relocated to Battlefield Hobbies this year, Iron Fist’s choice to hold its 2017 Battlegroup campaign weekends with us is a further demonstration of our unique appeal and shows that we are fast becoming the venue of choice.

The first campaign weekend for Battlegroup, which is sold and distributed by PSC, will be held on 28 and 29 January.

It will use the Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich supplement, seeing British and US forces attempting to eliminate a desperate last stand of various German units in ‘Operation Foxtrot’, at the very end of WWII.

There will then be a second Battlegroup campaign weekend in the autumn, with further details to be announced closer to the time.

Warwick Kinrade, author of Battlegroup, explained Iron Fist Publishing’s choice of venue: “I was very impressed when I went to visit Battlefield Hobbies. It’s large, flexible, and its location in Daventry is really central so our players from all over the country will find it easy to get to. The facilities offered there are ideal too; the team have thought of everything to make people comfortable.”

Nobby, co-owner of Battlefield Hobbies, added: “This is great news for us – a new set of events using a new ruleset. We’ve had a good first year with some cracking events, but there is a lot more we want to do as we grow and develop so it’s exciting to be adding another string to our bow as we move forward into our second year.”