Magic at the core of Battlefield Hobbies

After two months of successful weekly Magic events, we’re delighted to announce that Battlefield Hobbies has been upgraded to a core store by the Wizards Play Network!

The Battlefield team have been hosting standard constructed and drafts Magic events since the venue was granted gateway status at the beginning of October, when the store introduced a second weekly games night on a Friday.

Having now proceeded on to core store status, Battlefield Hobbies will introduce sanctioned events like the hugely popular Friday Night Magic from January.

Formats we will support include ranked standard, modern and sealed, as well as casual modern and commander.

Look out for our first pre-release and release, which we expect to be Amonkhet in April 2017.

Nobby and Hammy, owner directors at Battlefield Hobbies, commented: “We are always looking to expand and enhance what we offer and Magic is something we really wanted to bring to Battlefield Hobbies. Our casual Friday night events have got off to a great start and we’re chuffed to now be upgraded to a core store. This will bring a number of benefits to our Magic-playing regulars, and we’re confident this development will only continue to increase the game’s popularity and draw in new players.”

Core benefits

So Magic players, what are the additional advantages to you of us being upgraded to a core store?

• Friday Night Magic
• Up to 3 Magic pre-release events per set*
• 1 Magic Game Day per set*
• Magic Buy-a-Box promo cards
• Access to From the Vault products

*Please note not all Magic sets offer pre-releases or Game Days

Dates for your diary

Friday night entry costs £5 and play starts at 19:30

Friday 6 January 2016
Ranked – Standard
Casual – Modern

Friday 13 January
Ranked – Modern
Casual – Commander

Friday 20 January
Ranked – Standard
Casual – Modern

Friday 27 January
Ranked – Modern
Casual – Commander

Sunday 29 January
Ranked – Draft

Entrance to the Sunday Draft event is £15 or 10% off if you pre-book (£13.50).

Sunday play starts at 1300