[K35BDKR001] Batman The Dark Knight Rises

£13.99 £12.59

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[K35BDKR001] Batman The Dark Knight Rises

£13.99 £12.59

Contains 1x white metal figure.

Painting and assembly required

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As well as Batman’s specialised training and great intellect, he has used his inherited company Wayne Enterprises to develop a mass of gadgets, vehicles and more to help in his fight against crime.

To the villains in Gotham, Batman is the darkness, the night, the fear. He is the one that can protect the city that took his family away from him and he will never stop until his mission is complete.

Overall, a Batman crew is potentially one of the most versatile crews in the game. A large selection of characters backed up by some solid GCPD means that your crew can be built to take on any threat to Gotham that may come up.


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