[K35DC093] Robin Arkham Knight

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[K35DC093] Robin Arkham Knight

£13.99 £12.59

Contains 1x white metal figure.

Painting and assembly required

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In the Batman Miniatures Game, Robin (Arkham Knight) is a Sidekick for the Batman crew.

Robin comes in at 78 Reputation. While he does take up a large portion of your crews reputation he does bring some very impressive skills to the table.

When closing in on the enemy, Robin has his Batlings handy and for close quarters he has his trusty Shielded Bo which he can use in a Combo. The Bo even comes in handy for covering him from incoming fire, adding an extra Ping roll for his safety.

Robin can be where needed very quickly with his Batclaw and Undercover deployment out of your set deployment zone. He also has a very handy Special Trait in Teamwork where he can call for help from nearby Allies that also have Teamwork and use two of their Action Counters as his own.
This is topped off with his Detective skills and his True Love for Barbara Gordon which will increase his effectiveness if she is taken out while on the same crew as Robin.

All in all, Robin (Arkham Knight) is a great choice as a Sidekick for a Batman crew. If it’s along side Batman himself or with allies like Nightwing or Batgirl, Robin is a skilled fighter that can hold his own and support the rest of the Bat-Family.


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