[K35BAO007] Black Mask Crew

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[K35BAO007] Black Mask Crew

£27.99 £25.19

Contains 4x white metal figures.

Painting and assembly required

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In the Batman Miniatures Game, Black Mask leads his crews to take what he wants.

Black Mask himself is a deadly foe. Armed with his Personal Gun and even Grenades, Black Mask likes to deal with problems before they reach him.

He is also very skilled at leading. He can increase the damage of his crew, change their plans and have them all working together when needed.

As a Sidekick, Black Mask employs the Corrupt Lieutenant Branden of the GCPD. This give Black Mask some well armed protection who can also bring along with him some other Corrupt Cops. Even a full SWAT team.

The Standard Henchmen in a Black Mask crew are cheap and basic. Armed with simple weapons, they may not look like much but are Brutal when the time comes.

As a Mob boss though, Black Mask can also enlist the help of Mobsters. Not as cheap but they bring some big guns with them.

As the Black Mask likes the right man for the job, Free Agents are perfect. Backing up the cheap Henchmen with dangerous combatants.

Deathstroke is a great choice here. Able to go toe to toe with Batman himself, Deathstroke earns his name ‘the terminator’ again ad again.

Another good choice would be Deadshot. If Black Mask wants someone taken down, he’s going to hire the best assassins in the business to do it.


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