[K35DC091] Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Crew

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[K35DC091] Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Crew

£27.99 £25.19

Contains 4x white metal figures.

Painting and assembly required

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Harley is now the crews Leader coming in at 80 Rep and armed with her trusty Reinforced Bat and now an SMG to take down anyone she needs to at range.

Using her Acrobatics, she came move any where on the board with easy and as an Escape Artist, it’s impossible for anyone to Grab hold of her. If she catches anyone being ganged up on, Mobster lets her add in an extra hit of her own.

Harley is still tricky though. She can use Discourage to drop an opponents Willpower and her new Special Trait Bluff lets her also drop a targets Attack value.
To top it off, Harley also gives all of her Henchmen with the same Affiliation access to the Bluff Trait.

Harley’s Henchmen are very similar to the Joker but have some devastating new weaponry. Weapons like a Chainsaw, Jack hammer and Sawn-off Shotgun cause a lot of Blood damage. These Henchmen also all have the Street Guy Trait so they can crouch and duck behind cover without spending any SC. For equipment, they all use the Joker’s options.
The rest of the Joker’s Henchmen are also available to a Harley crew so she has a lot of options for any type of crew you may like.

Free Agents are good to add to a Harley crew to increase threats or even just to add to a theme.

For an Arkham Knight crew you could add in Firefly or go for more of a Suicide Squad crew with Deadshot and Killer Frost.


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