[35DC100] Hugo Strange And Inmates

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[35DC100] Hugo Strange And Inmates

£27.99 £25.19

Contains 4x white metal figures.

Painting and assembly required

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In the Batman Miniature Game, Huge Strange is a Free Agent that will work with the League of Shadows, Black Mask, Organised Crime and Riddler crews. The only limitation being that he refuses to work alongside Selena Kyle (Catwoman) or Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow)

Coming in at 44 Reputation and $0 Funding, Strange isn’t a fighter but his strengths come from controlling his inmates and prisoners.

If Strange is around any Henchmen with Mental Disorder Traits, he can affect them in several different ways.

Psychologist lets him remove the Disorder effect while also helping him solve Riddler markers automatically.

Psychiatrist can increase the Henchman’s Attack and Defence Skills while Subliminal Suggestion can cause them to make an extra move.

Finally, Arkham Asylum Dr adds an Action Counter to Movement, Attack or Defence for any Henchman with a Mental Disorder in range.

This means that Hugo Strange and a number of Arkham Prisoners, Inmates or Lunatics can be a huge and unexpected boost to any League, Crime, Riddler or Black Mask crew.


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