[K35DC090] Killer Frost

£13.99 £12.59

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[K35DC090] Killer Frost

£13.99 £12.59

Contains 1x white metal figure.

Painting and assembly required

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In the Batman Miniatures Game, Killer Frost is a Sidekick for a Mr Freeze crew or a Free Agent for any other Villain crew.

At 70 Reputation and £150 funding, she isn’t the cheapest option for a crew but brings a lot for her cost.

Killer Frost is packing two very impressive cold weapons. Up close she has a Chill Touch which gives her Unarmed Attacks Blood damage and a Critical Hit also adds the Cooled effect.
At range, Frost had Ice Daggers which dish out Stun and Blood damage with two shots at a time. These have Infinite Ammo but need to be recharged (reloaded) every other round. Frost makes up for this but Throwing them which means even if she has moved, she still gets to fire both daggers.

It’s not just the weapons that make Frost impressive though.
Being an Acrobat she came move easily around the board, with Stop she can freeze an opponent and stop them moving, Runaway makes her immune to the Arrest effect and Adaptable lets her change her own stats depending on what she needs to do that turn. Top that off with Resilient letting her re-roll failed Endurance tests and you have a Free Agent that could be welcomed by any Villain you field.


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