[K35BAC004] Joker Crew

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[K35BAC004] Joker Crew

£27.99 £25.19

Contains 4x white metal figures.

Painting and assembly required

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Using a Joker crew in the Batman Miniatures Game is to bring chaos to the table.

A dangerous man in his own right with weapons like a poisoned knife, one shot gun and explosive teeth, the Jokers true strength comes from his ability to change his crews plans at the last minute with the use of Kaos Agent. This means your opponent can never really know what you are going to do until it’s too late.

Having Harley Quinn as a Sidekick can help with the mass chaos as she can even change your opponents plans while her True Love for the Joker means she can become very dangerous if her ‘puddin’ is taken down. Or if you need some muscle instead, Mr Hammer is happy to help.

The Jokers Clown Henchmen are very basic fighters all armed with a range of different weapons. They are easy to take down one by one, but being cheap to hire, there can be enough on the table to pull off any crime. There are also a few Elite Clowns if you want some Henchmen that are a bit more resilient and hit harder.

The Joker crew has access to all sorts of Free Agents to help them out. Killer Croc adds some serious muscle to the crew when it’s needed and is quick to move around to where he is needed via the sewers. Scarecrow can help keep the insanity under control while also messing with the opponents plans further by forcing models to activate first.

Overall, the Joker crew is great for anyone to play. Kaos Agent makes it easy on new players while messing with your opponents plans can be fun for more experienced players.


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