[60010199015] Warhammer 40000: Dark Imperium

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[60010199015] Warhammer 40000: Dark Imperium

£95.00 £85.50

Contains two armies of brand new miniatures, the full hardback Warhammer 40,000 book, dice and range rulers.

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Warhammer 40000: Dark Imperium is the stunning 2 player box set for 8th Warhammer 40,000. Including a huge amount of miniatures and accessories, it allows you to;

Collect: Two brand new armies both Death Guard & Primaris Space Marines

Build: 53 Stunning, single-pose multi-part plastic Citadel miniatures.

Paint: No Chapter icons on the miniatures so you get to choose whichever Space Marine Chapter you want to collect.

Play: Everything you need to play Warhammer 40,000 is included in the box.

This box set Contains:

53 brand-new multi-part plastic Citadel Miniatures
1 280 page hardback 40k Book
1 24 page Death Guard Book
1 24 page Primaris Book
1 8 page Core Rules Booklet
1 Colour assembly guide for all the miniatures
12 red D6 dice
1 12″ range ruler
1 Decal sheet for the Primaris Space Marines – including iconography for
Blood Angles
Dark Angels
Space Wolves


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