[WGA-BOR-02] Boromite Gang Fighters


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[WGA-BOR-02] Boromite Gang Fighters


Contains 7 metal figures

Painting and assembly required.

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Ganger Fighters are the most numerous of Boromites – they form the backbone of the Labour Guilds spread across Antarean space. Their toughened skin and stubborn custodial nature means that even the most basic of Boromite footsoldiers can prove to be a formidable opponent. This set contains one Gang leader armed with Mag Pistol and Tractor Maul, and 6 Gangers toting long-ranged Mag Guns. All are clad in Reflex Armour – an energy field suspended from metalised hard points located on the wearer’s armour or clothing. In the case of Boromites, these hard points take the form of separate multifunctional nanite receptor nodes fastened directly into the tough, horny skin of the individual concerned.


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