[WGA-BOR-21] Boromite Overseer Team


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[WGA-BOR-21] Boromite Overseer Team


Contains 4 metal figures

Painting and assembly required.

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As humanity spread rampant across all of Antarean space, colonies arose upon a vast variety of worlds – each uniquely dissimilar to Earth. Over generations, these isolated populations evolved to suit their situation – breathing alien atmospheres, enduring unimaginable pressures and gravities. In many cases, these evolutionary advancements were artificially accelerated by geneticists – giving a vast array of types, sizes, shapes, and colours of humans across Antarean space… The Boromites were bred as a specialised workforce – adapted to handle incredibly difficult and dangerous tasks in hostile environments. Though they are naturally a itinerant and insular species, they will take up arms if attacked or wronged – using adapted forms of their work tools to defend their own. The Boromite Overseer team contains one Overseer clad in Reflex armour, wielding a Plasma Carbine and Tractor Maul – accompanied by 2 Boromite Gangers also clad in Reflex armour, armed with Plasma Carbines – and finally, a Spotter Drone.


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