[WGA-BOR-35] Boromite Micromite probe shard

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[WGA-BOR-35] Boromite Micromite probe shard

£6.00 £5.40

Contains 4 Drones

Painting and assembly required.

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A micromite probe is something of an exception to the normal run of the mill probes because it is – or was – a living creature. Lavamite hatchlings are produced in vast numbers by Lavamite Brood Mothers and grow quickly. Part grown hatchlings are used by Boromites to create living micromite probes. As this involves scooping out what passes for the hatchling’s brain and replacing its nervous system with a nano­net it is doubtful whether the resultant micromite could be said to be really alive. Despite this maltreatment micromites still preserve something of their native cunning and have a keen sense of self-preservation. They are used to locate enemy and to direct fire onto targets in exactly the same way as targeter probes.


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