[WGA-CON-27] Concord C3 Nu-Hu Mandarin


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[WGA-CON-27] Concord C3 Nu-Hu Mandarin


Contains 2 metal figures

Painting and assembly required.

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The ruling elites of this society are New Humans or NuHu. Hyper-intelligent, tall, and eerily androgynous, the NuHu are the undisputed Mandarins of the Panhuman Concord. They are very few in number and spread thinly amongst the vast population of the Concord. What makes the NuHu different from other humans is that they have co-evolved with the sentient integrated machine intelligence – or IMTel – that controls all aspects of Concord society. They are its living symbiotic component, simultaneously masters and slaves of an all powerful, benign technocracy. All worlds of the Concord are encased in a nanosphere – a cloud of nanorobotic machines that acts as a universal medium of communication and micro-energy transference. By this means worlds and ultimately the whole concord is run and directed by the data-driven machine-minds of the IMTel and its NuHu Mandarin elite.


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