[WGA-GAR-02] Ghar Battle Squad


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[WGA-GAR-02] Ghar Battle Squad


Contains 3 plastic figures.

Painting and assembly required.

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The Ghar were forged in the forgotten depths of time with one purpose – to wage war! They are feeble and helpless creatures without the protective battle armour that all Ghar warriors wear to battle. Once encased within their metal shells, physically attached by plugs inserted into their spines, they become stronger and more powerful than any mere human. Ghar battle armour is powered by plasma reactors designed to channel raw energy through magnetic lines to their metal limbs and weapons. Ghar Battle Squads are armed with deadly Scourer Cannons. These weapons’ triple-vaned magnetic focal arrays allows them to fire a tightly focussed beam of plasma or to open out, like the petals of an unlikely flower, and scatter their deadly plasma over a wider area. As if this were not sufficient the Scourer Cannon is constructed around a disruptor launcher capable of lobbing spatially destructive disruptor bombs onto a target. With these three attack modes the Scourer Cannon is ready to face and overcome any enemy in any situation. Contains the following multi-part plastic models: 3 Ghar in battle armour with Scourer Cannons


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