[WGA-GAR-08] Ghar Attack Scutters

£25.00 £22.50

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[WGA-GAR-08] Ghar Attack Scutters

£25.00 £22.50

Contains 3 Artillery Pieces/War Machines
3 Crew
Metal Resin

Painting and assembly required.

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Attack Scutters are little more than Scutters with their bombloading equipment and ammunition removed enabling them to operate in a fighting role. This makes them more agile than regular Scutters although in other respects they are practically identical. Attack Scutters are used as general transports as well as for scouting and exploring and may often be the first Ghar encountered by the enemy. Attack Scutters carry a Scourer Cannon so they are potent little machines even if they are not as well protected as battle armoured Ghar troopers.


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