Warhammer 40K Open Day

Hot on the heels of the release of the eighth edition we, or more specifically Dan our Games Workshop super fan, will be running a Warhammer 40K open day on Sunday 16 July.

Perfect for both newbies to 40K who’d like to learn the rules of this 28mm sci-fi gem, and players who could do with a refresher; Dan will try his best to pair those who are just starting out with those who have a bit more experience.

Drop in any time between 11 and 5 and Dan will be here to referee and offer some handy tips and advice.

If you have your own models already, please bring 50 power points’ worth. If not, don’t worry – we have some sets here that you’re welcome to use.

Entry will be the standard £2.50 per person on the door.

We sense quite an appetite for 40K among the Battlefield Hobbies community so we’re hoping to get some events going on a monthly basis going forward with perhaps some one-day tournaments – watch this space and get involved!